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My clients are a diverse bunch, from YouTubers, salespeople and university lecturers to CEOs, students and stay-at-home parents.  Some people simply want to sound clearer. Many want to feel more confident, polished and professional at work. Then there are others who simply want a nice British accent...just because!

Young Man
Kate is a wonderful and competent tutor. She provided me with many helpful tips and excercises. Although I have been using English in business context for years, no-one has drawn my attention to some pronounciation challenges I faced. What is even more important, Kate provides a lot of support and advice on how it make this learning stick. I would recommend Kate to any student willing to improve their English skills especially when it comes to accent and intonation.
Bea, Talent and Learning Manager                          (native Polish speaker)

​''Kate has been a great teacher for me and is a joy to work with. Her skill in speech therapy allows her to approach things methodically, through clearly defined steps. She’s able to accurately assess your current level and break down your progression into smaller, actionable milestones. Her large experience means she comes prepared with documents at hand for each lesson. All in all you feel guided at every turn and it’s a pleasure to see myself making progress so quickly!
Kevin, IT professional (native French speaker)

Middle Aged Woman
Stylish Senior Portrait
“I'm very happy to have contacted Kate for my accent reduction classes. Kate is very patient and kind. She listens to all my problems very patiently and guides me systematically. Definitely a big confidence booster! Her initial evaluation promised me that Kate is going to be a wonderful teacher and I decided to sign up for her classes. She has different techniques to make sure I pronounce the words accurately. She is very cheerful and I always look forward to her classes every week. I highly recommend Kate as your tutor for your accent reduction!
Sneha, Data Analyst (native Urdu speaker)
Kate is a real professional. She has well-designed didactics, profound knowledge and skill set to teach. She has identified my weak points with the initial assessment and made a customised plan to my needs, which has been very helpful. If you are serious to improve your pronunciation/accent, you need a pro to work with, like Kate. She is a nice person and easy to talk to as well. I highly recommend to attend her class.
Ikuya, Veterinary Surgeon (native Japanese speaker)
Extremely methodical, Kate establishes easy rules to acquire perfect English pronunciation. She knows perfectly how to motivate her students and make classes interesting and very productive. Really effective. The improvement is noticeable from the first lesson.
Iñigo, Finance Director (native Spanish speaker)
Girl Enjoying her Drink
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