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I’m Kate and I'm the founder of SpeakMyLanguage.  I've been utterly obsessed with speech and accents since I was a kid. As an adult, this fascination has led me to some really exciting (and some random!) career choices /life experiences.

Whilst studying modern languages at university, I began teaching English as a foreign language. I went on to live in several different countries and learned a few more languages myself. It was then that I started noticing a pattern: Language teachers don't pay enough attention to Pronunciation skills!


It bothered me. I knew how important pronunciation was. I had a good accent in Spanish and people mistook me for a native speaker, even though I made language mistakes! My best friend was a walking grammar book and incredibly fluent in Spanish but had a terrible accent. People often tried talking to her in English as a result. I knew that this was a problem that needed fixing. But I was young and was soon onto my next adventure, retraining as a speech and language therapist.




After years working as a speech therapist, helping clients with their speech and language difficulties, I circled back to teaching: firstly lecturing in undergraduate phonetics and phonology at a university and then teaching English as a foreign language in private academies. It was then that I realised:

1) how much people love learning about pronunciation 

2) how little most language teachers know about pronunciation 

3) how much useful knowledge I had to share


It was a no brainer that I should set up SpeakMyLanguage: the culmination of all my personal and professional experience. Pronunciation skills really are important and learning to speak clearly and confidently should be achievable and fun with the right support.


I look forward to working with you!




Kate Middleton

Specialist Pronunciation Trainer

Speech and Language Therapist (MSc)

EFL Teacher (CELTA)