Group Discussion


Pronunciation Training


'Thank you for all your help and your patient way of being - I learnt so much with you and I wish I could have time to take more classes!'  (Ana, Colombia). 

'Kate is really passionate about her pronunciation lessons and she is talented at explaining things in an easy manner' (Anne-Marie, Belgium).

'The pronunciation lessons were my favourite lessons - it was really fun and I think my accent is much clearer wife says so anyway! (Cem, Turkey).

'I really struggled with l and r sounds before my training with Kate. Now I can make them confidently. She also helped me to speak with better intonation, so more naturally. I really appreciate her help. (Takashi, Japan)

'I always felt embarrassed to speak English in front of other people because they often didn't understand me and I had to repeat again and again. It was annoying. Kate helped me to work on my problem sounds and now I hardly ever need to repeat myself. I feel more confident and happy to speak English. Thank you Kate! (Eunji, South Korea)

'The lessons were well structured and Kate is a professional. I highly recommend her. (Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia).

Special Educational Needs and Disability Training 

'Fantastic - fascinating and well-structured. Really enjoyed it. Thanks so much'. (ESL Teacher, Cambridge).

'Very useful, relevant and practical' (Director of studies, London).

'Really useful and interesting. Would be lovely if you could return for SEND 102' (Student Service Manager, Brighton)

'Thanks - it was really useful to be reminded of things and given some new ideas!' (Teacher, Brighton)

'Thank you vey's made me think about reducing the load on students' (Teacher, Cambridge)