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Being 'inclusive' is about helping all students to reach their potential - regardless of their learning ability. It's also about making students feel accepted and confident....whether or not they have a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND).

Understandably, educational institutions sometimes need a little help and guidance with 'Inclusion'. There's an awful lot of 'talk' about it, but a real lack of user-friendly advice and information about how to 'do it'.


 SEND training

'Celebrating SEND' is a series of workshops and seminars designed specifically for educational institutions, from universities to private language schools. You can expect: 

  • Clear, no-nonsense information about how SEND affects your classrooms

  • Practical advice on how to support students with a range of needs

  • Strategies for creating a 'SEND-friendly environment' in your setting

Training is offered in-house or via webinar, at a time that works for you. Sessions range from 1 hr to half-day slots and can be adapted to your requirements - please get in touch to discuss your particular needs.



Current workshops and seminars

(bookable by email - please contact us for prices)

SEND 101: How to identify, differentiate and celebrate.
As seen at IATEFL 2018. A zippy introductory session to raise awareness of SEND. We talk facts and bust some myths before going on to tackle the tricky issue of how to identify students with SEND in your classroom. We finish by recommending some simple school-wide strategies that are known to support many students with SEND.



SEND 102: How to create a SEND-friendly classroom
We develop key themes from SEND101 and offer practical interaction with the resources introduced in the first module. Participants apply their new skills and knowledge to a series of real-life case studies and are awarded a certificate for completion of both modules.



Think Visuals!

As seen at IATEFL 2019. Visuals are a vital element in supporting learning - for all students, not just those with SEND! Yet they are often under-used. This course offers training in a range of specialist resources and simple techniques to add some visual ‘va va voom’ to your classroom and educational setting as a whole.


Sign it!

Signing is a powerful but little used tool for supporting learning across a range of skills. This course introduces participants to some simple and effective signing techniques for supporting pronunciation development, vocabulary acquisition and listening skills.