Pronunciation does matter!

'Pronunciation' is an essential feature of our spoken language - yet it is often overlooked or seen as less important than areas such as our vocabulary or grammar. Incorrect pronunciation can lead to a range of problems. E.g.:

  • difficulties getting your message across 

  • having to repeat yourself frequently

  • people thinking you are less competent than you are

  • being taken less seriously or treated as an outsider

    These issues can affect native and non-native speakers of English alike and can cause a great deal of frustration and embarrassment. They can hold us back from getting that promotion or prevent us 'fitting in' in a new community, for example.

Many feel that there isn't much they can do to improve their pronunciation - that the way you speak is established for life. NOT TRUE! It is never too late to improve your pronunciation - provided you have the right support and attitude. Read on for more information...

Pronunciation training

(Details/prices below)

What do pronunciation training sessions involve?


1. Initial assessment of strengths and needs – we'll assess what you are already doing well and where your pronunciation need a little work. You'll receive a summary report and recommendations. You can then decide whether to continue your 'pronunciation journey' with us.


2. Setting goals – together we will establish what your goals are and what changes are realistic with the time and resources available to you. Once we have agreed this, we will then set specific objectives so you can monitor your progress from the start.

3. Listening work – being able to hear the difference between correct and incorrect pronunciation is key. We will practise 'ear training' exercises to become more familiar with common errors in your own pronunciation.


4.  Practical articulation work - we will help you to make tricky consonant and vowel sounds by showing you where to place your tongue and other articulators. 


5. Rhythm work - we'll help you to imitate the natural 'rhythm' of English when you are speaking. 


6. Generalisation work - We'll help you make that transition from the classroom to the real world, so that you can integrate your new pronunciation patterns into everyday speech. 



      Assessment session: £65

(includes detailed written report and 30-minute feedback session)


1:1 sessions - 60 minutes

Block of 5 sessions: £295 (£59 /session)

Block of 10 sessions: £550 (£55/session)

Single session: £65

Bookable via email

Please contact us for other enquiries

(e.g. group lessons / longer or shorter sessions)

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